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28 Practice: Essences for Everybody… Making Your Own Medicine with Dori Midnight

May 24, 2018

Join Dori Midnight to learn how to make an essence, a people’s medicine, of your own. These are incredible instructions and so fun to follow - the possibilities are endless. Follow along with the written guide here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1POLbYWNyUTFHrGbi_G_3ci4a3p3nYguVBw-wunIdigY/edit?usp=sharing

Download the corresponding conversation (28 People’s Medicine and Queer Magic) This week, we’re talking with radical herbalist, healer, and witch Dori Midnight. You’ll hear us talk about her hilarious story of queer witchy magic from a young age, plants as allies, how activists can better care for our bodies and align with the earth, the role of imagination in social justice, and a disability justice lens on healing and liberation.



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Dori Midnight practices community-based intuitive healing that weaves together plant and stone medicine, ancestral and queer magic, and justice work. Drawing on her training as a clinical herbalist and interfaith minister, as well as traditions from her ancestry (Sephardi/Ashkenazi/Romani), Dori's work is grounded in self-determinism, collective liberation, and the belief that healing ourselves is inseparable from healing our communities and the planet. Her work is inspired by a web of teachers, healers, artists, dreamers, and activists in disability and healing justice, earth-based Judaism, and queer liberation. Dori lives in Western Massachusetts, where she teaches, creates ritual, makes potions, and maintains a local and distance healing practice.  http://www.dorilandia.com/

You can find Dori in person hosting Remedies and Rituals for Heartbreaking Times with Elokin Orton- Cheung September 21, 2018 - September 23, 2018 at Rowe Camp and Conference Center in Western Massachusetts. Learn magic and medicine, plant remedies and rituals that will help you stay resilient, graceful, open, and strong when the bad news is never-ending and staying hopeful is a struggle. More info: http://rowecenter.org



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