Healing Justice Podcast

LIVE from Little Haiti: Food Sovereignty & Healing (with Uprooted and Rising & Inez Barlatier)

April 2, 2019

Welcome to our LIVE SHOW from Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami, Florida! We are joined by Uprooted & Rising leaders Estefanía Narváez and Miles Francisco, and the amazing local musician Inez Barlatier. We shared live music, deep personal stories, and learned about food sovereignty as a site of liberation and healing - from its parallels to survivorship, to the origins of soul food in West Africa, to what Uprooted & Rising is mobilizing around now.

We also offer creative ways that funders can support healing in justice work, share the a primer on the origins of this project and the lineage of healing justice, and give an update about season 2 (psst - it's coming soon!). For more information on series sponsorship or to propose a creative collaboration idea, email healingjusticepodcast@gmail.com

A big thank you to the lively crowd at The Funders Network Conference, and to the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation for sponsoring our presence there. An extra special thank you Michelle Knapik for your vision and coordination to bring it all together.





Learn more about Uprooted & Rising at https://www.uprootedandrising.org, and find Inez Barlatier's new EP MOUN|MOON at http://www.inezbarlatier.com 


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