Healing Justice Podcast

LIVE from our 1st Birthday Party (with Jillian White, Alexis Francisco, Sumitra Rajkumar, & The Peace Poets)

December 12, 2018

Welcome to our first-ever LIVE SHOW, coming at you from our first birthday party! We are joined by Kate Werning, Jillian White, Sumitra Rajkumar (of episode 12), Alexis Francisco (of episode 33), The Peace Poets (of episode 23) with Dr. Drum, and 150 of our celebrating friends in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

We enjoyed powerful music with The Peace Poets and Dr. Drum, talked about how healing is moving for us in our organizing work, and celebrated the amazing things this broader community has moved in the world this past year.

We also talked about our dreams to continue this powerful project, including Jillian joining the team as our Producer, and bringing in movement partners as regular correspondents to share the voice and content curation on the show.

We need a lot of help to make that sustainable and possible. Can you help us get there? 

Donate to help us make it to season 2 on our Facebook fundraiser here: http://www.tinyurl.com/hjpgive

Check out the gorgeous livestream on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/healingjusticepodcast

And photos from the night on our Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/healingjustice


Thank you to to the teams who made this party possible!

Our planning & hosting team: Kirin Kanakkanatt, Parke Ballantine, Nadia Tykulsker, and JD Davids.

Our amazing volunteers: Michelle Ling, Sophie Lasoff, Christina Shiroma, Sophia Holly, Thais Marques, Tom Corcoran, Josiah Werning, Krissan Pattugalan, Jana Lynne Umipig, Adrienne Haddaway, Joey Dosik, Danielle Pomorski, Melanie Berkowitz, and Tasha Amezcua.

Our sound team: Anne Pope and Myra Al-Rahim for your work live at the show, and Zach Meyer at the COALROOM for mastering the episode.

Our brilliant guests: Sumitra Rajkumar, Alexis Francisco, the Peace Poets (RAM 3, Frankie 4, Lu Aya, The Last Emcee), and Dr. Drum.


And a BIG thank you to our sponsors of the party: Third Wave Fund, Pierce Delahunt, Beth Jacobs, Maura Bailey, and Hallie Boas.


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