Healing Justice Podcast

Welcome to Season 2! (with Kirin Kanakkannatt & Kate Werning)

April 16, 2019

Welcome to Season 2 of Healing Justice Podcast!

This season's theme might just be action-while-incomplete. Or change-in-motion.

Hear host Kate Werning and incoming Board member Kirin Kanakkannatt talk about all the ways we are working to grow and aren't there yet, and how we decided to come back to hang out with y'all and grow in public anyway.

You'll hear what we've been up to these past 4 months and what to expect this season; including our new amazing disability justice Access Team, a forthcoming NAME CHANGE for this project, how we're thinking about building more community with you this year, the Zapatistas' New Year party, and dilemmas of queerness & diaspora. We are so glad to keep dreaming, aligning, acting, and practicing with you!



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