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40 Rest as Reparations with Tricia Hersey of The Nap Ministry

July 4, 2019

This week we're joined by Tricia Hersey, aka the "Nap Bishop" and founder of The Nap Ministry, to be schooled in all things anti-capitalism and rest. She shares about her inspiration studying records of enslaved African ancestors in the US South, how laziness is a myth, what happens physiologically when we rest, and whether our movements can really afford to rest when they build prisons while we sleep.



Tricia Hersey is a Chicago native living in Atlanta with over 20 years of experience working with communities as a teaching artist, community organizer, spiritual director, poet, performance artist, and theater maker. She is the founder of The Nap Ministry, an organization that examines rest as a form of resistance and installs safe spaces for the community to rest via napping experiences, workshops and performance art installations. Tricia’s research interests include black liberation theology, womanist theology, somatics, cultural trauma, and reparations. Her work as a teaching artist, archivist assistant, and trainer of arts integrated curriculum has been seen with Chicago Public Schools, Columbia College Chicago, Steppenwolf Theatre, United States Peace Corps and Google Chicago. Tricia's website is, and you can follow The Nap Ministry on all social media platforms at @thenapministry


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