Irresistible (fka Healing Justice Podcast)

Making Meaning of Victory & Loss with Maurice Mitchell (Working Families Party), Barbara Dudley (lifelong activist), & Alexandra Rojas (Justice Democrats)

November 7, 2018


We made it through to November 7th! Come get through your midterm election adrenaline/terror hangover with us. The world is drowning in spin and hot-takes, so we're holding a different kind of vulnerable, real-talk space to process the results and work to understand what comes next for our movements as we take stock of both our wins and our losses.

Let's hear about how fun Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's victory party was *and* recommit ourselves to the long-game work of building a multiracial populist movement for liberation.

We're joined today by Working Families Party National Director Maurice Mitchell, longtime organizer Barbara Dudley, and Alexandra Rojas of Justice Democrats.

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Maurice Mitchell is the National Director for Working Families Party (WFP) and has over two decades of experience in political and community organizing. Before joining WFP he co-founded Blackbird, a movement-building organization that offers communications services and has worked closely with Black Lives Matter Global Network.

Barbara Dudley has been a movement activist for 50+ years, but only in the last ten has she engaged in electoral politics, via the Working Families Party. She was a lawyer for GI’s resisting the war in Vietnam, for tenant unions, and for unionizing farmworkers, she went on to serve as Director of the National Lawyers Guild during the Reagan years, then Director of Greenpeace US, and then Director of Strategic Campaigns for the national AFL-CIO during the Clinton years.

Alexandra Rojas is the Executive Director at Justice Democrats (JD), an organization founded by former staff of the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign in order to transform the Democratic Party into a party that works for its voters, not just its corporate donors.



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