Irresistible (fka Healing Justice Podcast)

Youth Voices: Our Wildest Dreams

May 26, 2020

In a time when many of our biggest visions for 2020 feel turned upside down, we're hungry for some inspiration. Enter youth voices Athina Amanor, Daniel Cook, Sary Barrios, & Theo Cooksey.

In this episode, we hear four winning essays read by their authors from the YES! Magazine student essay contest this spring. The prompt was about students' Wildest Dreams for 2020, inspired by our New Years Practice with Alicia Garza here on the podcast. 1,342 students submitted essays, and these were some of the most powerful. Feel free to share with the young people in your life!

Transcript, text of the student essays, and links to listen at


Thanks to Zach Meyer for production, Josiah Werning & Alyson Thompson for design and social media, Ana Cecilia for music, and Jing Fong & Zenobia Jeffries Warfield at YES! Magazine for your amazing work.

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